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Preston & Christen began their yoga journey together after taking their first Baptiste Power Vinyasa class in 2003 when they were on vacation in Rhode Island. They then started practicing Baptiste Power Yoga in the Washington, DC area, where they were living. After a few years of practicing yoga, Preston started teaching yoga in 2006, and Christen in 2008. They have been living in South Florida since September 2011 and got married in July 2012.

DSC08792_prestonPreston Scott, ERYT-200, started yoga as a way to heal himself physically from years of bodybuilding and athletics. Through practicing, he also became aware of the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. Because of his background in personal training and athletics, Preston teaches a physically-challenging and empowered practice. His fun attitude and great sense of humor offer ease and joy to his students. Preston’s deep sense of spirituality is also something he intertwines into his classes. His love and joy for life are felt throughout his classes. Preston has had years of training in teaching power vinyasa yoga at Down Dog Yoga in Washington, D.C., and with some of the top teachers in the country, including Baron Baptiste.  He is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT-200).  Aside from teaching, Preston leads workshops, and assists teacher trainings throughout the country.
DSC08817-2_christenChristen Scott, ERYT-500, came to yoga for the emotional and mental benefits of the practice. With a doctorate in clinical psychology and having worked in the mental health field for over 15 years, Christen had explored many treatments for her clients’ and her own emotional issues, both traditional and non-traditional. After taking her first yoga class, she experienced a peace of mind that she did not know was possible. Christen has seen more personal transformation on the yoga mat than in the therapy office. Christen’s classes offer a physically challenging practice in an environment of acceptance and love. She believes that everyone is limitless and perfect just as they are. Her classes will empower you to let go of your thoughts and embrace your natural perfection. Christen is a 500 Level Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT-500) and a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher. She is the creator of The Yoga Shrink (www.theyogashrink.com) which addresses mental health issues within the context of yoga philosophy.


Ellis Elliott, RYT-500 After a short stint as a high school English teacher, Ellis taught dance for 25 years and ran her own dance studio for 7 years. Yoga offered different gifts than dance, and she discovered you can love and learn from both. Yoga has inspired an inward journey that led to healing, growth, and acceptance. Ellis thinks what a dancer expresses outwardly, a yogi moves through inwardly, and it is all energy moving through the body. She believes the body sings in many ways, and it is her job as yoga teacher to guide and support your personal journey. Ellis likes to read, write, make art, run slowly, sing loudly when alone, and stare at the ocean. Ellis completed her 500 RYT with Wild Abundant Life and her 200 RYT with the Power Yoga Tribe.


Patty Butler, RYT-200 is a Florida native and been actively into fitness since her mid 20’s. Patty’s entry level job at the utility company 32 years ago started out as a very physical position of hand delivering electric bills to residential customers, Patty did several 5k races and trained for a year to complete the Disney Marathon in 1999. Patty started practicing yoga in 2002 and became aware of how the mind and body transforms while practicing yoga regularly. She was able to check off two bucket list goals by running a marathon and becoming a certified yoga instructor.   Patty went through the RYT 200 training at the Power Yoga Tribe to be able to share her passion with the community and the benefits of yoga.  Yoga has helped Patty transform into an avid yogi and compassionate and caring yoga instructor.


Dr. Beth Kozak, RYT-200 has always been passionate about health, wellness, and athletics, and that is what drew her to her first yoga class. She immediately felt how yoga was able to heal her mind, body and spirit. Dr. Beth loves not knowing what will show up emotionally and physically on the mat. She has seen how embracing acceptance on the mat has helped her be more accepting off the mat. In particular, Baptiste Yoga has helped her heal past injures and prevent new ones from occurring. As a chiropractor, Dr. Beth adjusts patients all day long which is taxing on her body. Practicing yoga allows her to serve her patients while caring for herself. Dr. Beth is a natural teacher. She has a degree in Secondary Education and teaches people every day through her chiropractic. She received her 200 RYT at the Power Yoga Tribe in March 2016. She loves helping people see their potential and guiding them to the greatness. Dr. Beth has an intuitive and compassionate way of teaching yoga that comes from her years of practicing chiropractic. She wants her students to experience health during her classes, to understand proper alignment, and to embrace their anomalies and make them work for their practice with the understanding that their potential is limitless. When Dr. Beth is not practicing chiropractic or yoga, she loves spending time with her husband, Steve and daughter, Summer. Aside from being with friends and family, she enjoys long walks on the beach, camping, and kayaking.


Dan Schafer, RYT-200 grew up in upstate New York and played lacrosse and ice hockey, and has always loved being physical fit. Dan was a stockbroker for 20 years and after 911, found yoga as a way of dealing with a horrendous tragedy. When Dan took his first yoga class 15 years ago, he had a epiphany that yoga would be a part of the rest of his life. The conscious relaxation, the balance, and the internal peace it brought in one hour was profound to him. He continues his own practice regularly and his life is enriched in every facet. Dan came to Palm Beach County four years ago from New York City to care for his ailing father. He noted that it was the hardest and the most meaningful thing he has ever done. Dan was practicing yoga daily through this stage of his life and he maintains it was crucial for his well being. He decided not to return to his career in New York and became a certified yoga instructor to help others on their healing journeys. His passion is teaching and inspiring his students to explore the importance of being true to yourself. Dan teaches at several country clubs, health clubs, and studios, both private and group lessons in Palm Beach County. He resides in North Palm Beach and has a 15 year old son Jacob. Dan enjoys studying yoga, going to the beach, spending quality time with his son, and staying physically active.

Lisa Day  is known for her warm smile and positive energy. Lisa’s classes are empowering, fun, and accessible to students of all levels. Trained as a Forrest Yoga teacher by Ana Forrest, Lisa additionally draws from years of working with joint issues and injuries to design classes that build strength and flexibility, create ease and space in the joints and release tension in both the mind and body. Bringing a genuine desire to share the practice that continues to relieve pain for her own injuries and self-limiting beliefs; Lisa is patient and deeply supportive of her students, meeting them wherever they are and adapting the practice as needed for each individual’s body to create a practice that is challenging yet nourishing and delightful. Committed to continuously learning and evolving, Lisa is additionally a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher (PMA®-CPT).

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