Benefits Of Yoga,

Mental benefits of yoga

Yoga teaches you to relax, manage stress, but it also increases your ability to focus.

Regular practice reduces muscle tension, but above all it reduces mental tension.

During meditation, you learn to observe and bring the mind to the present moment.

A clear mind also increases your ability to learn and store new information.

Pranayama and meditation help to develop certain areas of the brain that are not usually used. The awakening of these areas increases your intuition and your ability to be fully present at any time.

Reducing stress and anxiety leads to an improvement in overall health

By learning to slow down, breathe deeply and do one thing at a time, you train your mind to focus on the present moment, the only thing that matters. Breathing consciously allows you to eliminate all unnecessary problems from everyday life.

Awareness is another mental benefit that arises if you practice yoga regularly

Many physical and mental problems arise precisely because we are not aware of certain parts of the body or of our thoughts. When there is a physical problem, the body sends us signals, but it is up to us to listen to them and behave accordingly. This hearing ability is known as body awareness and, thanks to yoga, can be developed gradually.

If you are not aware of your thoughts, you sometimes end up being a victim of yourself. Any action or word arises from thoughts, and the lack of awareness can open space for reactive or impulsive attitudes, causing discomfort. Thanks to yoga, but mainly meditation, awareness can be cultivated so that you are no longer a slave to your thoughts.

Another mental benefit that comes from practice is concentration. Have you ever tried to close your eyes and focus on one thing for 10 minutes?

If you can’t, don’t worry. It is normal because if the mind is not used to concentrating, it goes where it wants. Like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, the mind jumps between thoughts, desires, emotions, etc. With daily practice you can develop an incredible concentration, which will not only allow you to continue your spiritual journey, but will also help you in your life outside the mat.

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