Physical Yoga,

Physical benefits of yoga

Regular practice improves all bodily systems: bones, muscles, skin, circulatory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, endocrine, excretory and even reproductive!

Improves strength and tones all muscles

Asanas, yoga postures, strengthen all the muscles in the body. A well-balanced practice includes postures that serve to increase strength and others that provide relaxation. There are asanas where you mainly work with your arms and upper body. Others like standing postures, where a great job is done with the legs. And others who work more with the abdomen.

Increase flexibility

Without a doubt, one of the best known and proven benefits of science is that it helps people become more flexible. Keeping your joints, tendons, and muscles flexible is essential to avoiding injury and staying in shape. For example, many people with arthritis find great relief from practicing yoga.

When you first start practicing yoga it is normal to feel stiff and even not being able to touch your toes, but over time the muscles, ligaments and tendons stretch and incredible elasticity is gained.

Increases vital energy

We would all like to have more vital energy and be more active during the day. If energy could be packaged and sold, it would be the best-selling commodity in the world. In fact, it can be found anywhere and it’s free!

Yoga reduces stress, allows tight muscles to relax, and balances the whole body. These benefits not only help you sleep better, but the feeling of fatigue is reduced and, in general, there is an increase in energy throughout the day. Yogis believe that continuous practice balances the energy centers (Sanskrit chakra), allowing vital energy (Sanskrit prana) to flow freely throughout the body, thereby increasing vitality.

Rebalances the whole body

The postures practiced in yoga classes work various muscles and movements that promote balance throughout the body. Physical balance increases stability and coordination, which significantly reduces the risk of an accident.

Therefore, “being balanced” refers to the state of balance that the body can recover and maintain with regular practice. When all systems, internal and external, are in balance, an indescribable state of well-being occurs.

Improves digestion and facilitates weight loss

Yoga is the combination of physical, mental and technical exercises that also help balance the entire digestive system. With this system in balance, you can adopt more correct and healthy eating habits, reaching the ideal weight for your body.

In fact, many positions involve twisting, inversion, using the abdomen and they are the ones that work to rebalance all abdominal organs. The postures in general are amazing exercises that over time and with constant practice will bring you to the ideal weight for your body.

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