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The Four Agreements & Our Domestication by Diane Lambert-Cole

I would like to share a story with you that came to me while reflecting on the concept of domestication.

I was raised that I should respectfully address my elders by calling them Mister, Miss, or Ma’am.

Mr. B, one of my veterans  whom since passed away, was in his mid 80’s when we met. He did not like it when I called him Mister. He always wanted me to call him by his first name, Frank. It was so difficult for me to do, even though I was his nurse three times a week for quite a few years. I had such a difficult time calling him by his first name because I believed it was not respectful to call him Frank. It all had to do with the way I was raised and domesticated on such frivolous etiquette. Well, Frank helped me out. He told me that every time I would call him Mr. B, he would call me Roxanne and not Diane. So I had to play the game and call him Frank. It was a funny time between the two of us.

Frank passed away, maybe 2 years ago now. He was a fighter and I know that he left our terrestrial battlefield with dignity and grace, his wife with him in the comfort of his home.


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