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Being Dependable is more important than being Remarkable -by Diane Lambert Cole, RYT-200

My husband, Jeff, and I had the privilege of being a part of his Godson’s Dedication Ceremony at Christ Fellowship in Port St-Lucie. Seth, the facilitator of the event, is a father of four children and presented on the importance of  parenting. One thing that he mentioned really caught my attention: “Being dependable is more important than being remarkable.”

Isn’t that the truth in so many aspects of our lives?

I thought about my work, I am far from being Florence Nightingale. Yet, I am a darn good nurse. I give my best for my veterans, and my co-workers can count on me. My husband does not have Martha Washington for wife, but let me tell you that I got his back. I am a “doggie mother.” Although I am not Caesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer), you may be certain that my dogs, Brightly and Jessie, will never be neglected.

Seth’s words definitely are appropriate for parents. It is easier for children to become responsible adults when they have a dependable mother and father. “You can count on me.” These words are made of gold.

In a matter of fact, being dependable, in the full sense of it, is actually being remarkable.

Namaste 🙏


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