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Don’t Make Assumptions  by Diane Lambert Cole, RYT-200

Service dogs are the best.
To become a service dog requires intelligence, time, and a certain amount of finances to get the proper training.
Ben is a great example of a service dog. He is an adult greyhound that is Phyllis’s best friend and support. Phyllis is a volunteer for the Greyhound Pet Adoption Florida Southeast(GPA), a nonprofit organization that helps provide a good family and a forever home to the retired Greyhounds from the race track. You could not meet a better match than Phyllis and Ben. The love between the two is palpable.

You would not guess that Phyllis needs a service dog, other then maybe a little “unease” in her gait. A terrible car accident many years ago almost cost her a leg and her life. She went into cardiac arrest twice on the operating table, and unfortunately, pain is a part of her daily life. Ben is her mobility assistant; he helps her to walk better. When they go out for errands and so forth, he is definitely a big help.

A few days ago while grocery shopping, a man approached Phyllis and Ben and said, “I don’t see why you need a service dog. I bet you got his service vest online for $25.” Phyllis was fuming. She became very loud and scolded the man for his insensitivity and ignorance. This man did not know anything about Phyllis or Ben. He was a complete stranger that made assumptions, and by doing so, his actions negatively impacted Phyllis.

The problem with making assumptions is we believe it is the truth, when it is just an interpretation.
We must preserve and glorify the beautiful work of our service dogs.
Please do not make assumptions.



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